As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a DJ, it started thanks to my dad being a mobile and club dj. On most Sundays I can remember being taken to his gig’s which was a delight , after some time I can remember being left behind the decks, with a huge pile of songs to cue up and play, this was the beginning of my dream, The Beginning of Darren Jay .

The Ben Johnson Aged 5, I used to ask for tapes of parties and clubs where my dad worked listening and studying the ways of DJ’ing, after much plaguing he built me my first console, with 2 gerrard turntables ,and a custom made mixer , this was my dream ,LIVING ROOM MIXING. I can remember being the only kid in the street having a bunny girl disco, with all the girls in the road in my front living room.
Aged 7

By the time I was 16 I managed to persuade a few DJ’s and gaffa’s to allow me to play or help, this was done with the help of Stan the man and Ricci Dee, my Thursdays were always without fail watching and learning the knowledge of Ricci, with his charm and cheek vocally and with his music techniques totally amazing.

As time went on I continued helping and getting 1-2 hour slots in various venues around Birmingham meeting various personality jocks and club Jocks including dj’ s like Less Ross, Bobby Hunt, Dave Keen and Richard Jones, they advised me to study there inspirations i.e. The Emperor rossco ,Alan Freeman, Nicky Siano and Frankie Knuckles.

I finally got gigs which paid better money, they were the Crazy House Party’s whilst playing early house tunes ,reggae and chart, this developed into a great opportunity for me being capable of buying new equipment.

Once I reached 18 I managed to get a residency playing Birthdays and weddings at the lakeside club, playing music dating back to the 1930’s to the current chart.

The gigs finally started to roll in, Playing regularly at the Aston Villa Holte sweet (Cabaret nights) , the Kings (Cabaret nights) , The tower ball room (Christmas Party’s), The elbow room , Tramps and Studi Bakers thanks to Dave.

During my years in working with cabaret acts I managed to work and be recognised as the kid with many acts including, Gerry and the pacemakers, The searchers, Ebony Eyes, Black Abbots, Lilly savage, Bernard Maning, Rik Wakman & Tony Hadley.

I then moved to a night club in Moseley, playing Dance (old skool) with a hint of 70’s funk added to it playing every Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Aged 19

And the rest well……., I’m living my dream and keeping people entertained and dancing.